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The Culture Africa Network – ‘CAN’ Project, was established with the support of the Ford Foundation, and facilitated through the vision and generosity of the late Dr John Gerhart (at that time the Ford Foundation Representative for Southern Africa), in conjunction with the Ford Foundation officers in Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo and New York. The project was initiated and directed by John Turest-Swartz, ofCAMA at the University of Cape Town.

This website contains excerpts from the output of Phase 1 of the CAN Project – a unique selection of multimedia cultural materials, gathered through the CAN documentary centres that were established in the following seven African countries: Mali, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.

The set-up phase of the project was completed in May 2000. Identical CAN Centres were established in nine selected institutions across the continent. CAMA had fully equipped and installed these, and trained their staff in the use of the new technologies – the idea being to enable each CAN Centre, on an equal basis, to undertake the digital documentation and archiving of its cultural patrimony, within its chosen areas of interest, especially focusing on African music, dance and art.

All rights to the contents of this website are reserved. Copyright on the material contained herein vests in the creators and relevant participating institutions.


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Produced and compiled by CAMA at the University of Cape Town (South Africa.CAN).
Website design and development by John Mutumba Bilay, Robert Hofmeyr and John Turest-Swartz.

The following people have been directly involved in the research and publication of materials represented on this site.

ICAMD – International Centre for African Music & Dance
University of Ghana at Legon, Accra

Prof. Kwabena Nketia (director)
Maxwell Agyei Addo
Jasper Yao Addo

Kuona Trust, National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi
Judy Mathenge-Ogana (director)
Lawrence Mondo

Institute for Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University
Prof. Baye Yimam (director)
Dr. Ahmed Zekaria (curator)
Ibrahim Kassa

Musee National du Mali, Bamako
Dr. Samuel Sidibé (director)
Josué Thieró

TRAMA – Traditional Music Archive,
Institute for African and Asian Studies,
University of Khartoum
Ali al-Daw
Khalid Abdalla

ARPAC – Social and Cultural Research Institute, Maputo
Fernando Dava (director)
Joao Vilanculo
Dr. Armando Didi
CNCD – National Company of Song & Dance, Maputo
David Abilio Mondlane (manager)
Atanasio Cosme Nhussi
Museu Nacional de Arte (National Museum of Art), Maputo
Julieta Massimbe (director)
Harun Harun
Nelson Mondlane


CAMA – Contemporary African Music & Arts Archive,
University of Cape Town
John Turest-Swartz (director)
John Mutumba Bilay
Robert Hofmeyr
Len Lotz
Yves Bamani
Bheku Mzimanga
Marlene Winberg
Renate Meyer
Ian Webb